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May 24, 2024

Essential News On The Regulation Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a transformational technology, promising big breakthroughs and efficiencies for manufacturing, supply chains, healthcare delivery, environmental protections, global markets, data management and security, communications, and national and energy security, but critical questions are being asked about how we deploy and regulate this new technology. This debate is at the heart of Inside AI Policy.

After forging a landmark agreement with tech companies, the White House is charging forward with executive actions while pressing Congress to enact AI legislation for first-time regulations and public protections. And while the Federal Trade Commission has emerged as the AI standards enforcer, a bevy of other federal agencies are jockeying to set AI guardrails to ensure human intervention and oversight. The regulatory dockets are already swelling from recommendations by industry, civil society activists and others laying the basis for decisions that will shape the AI policy landscape for decades to come.

Inside AI Policy brings focus and order to this dizzying array of policy initiatives to tell you what matters and why.

From legislation to regulation – at both the federal and state levels – to emerging global requirements, Inside AI Policy delivers key intelligence on the leading proposals so you can stay ahead of the curve on new standards and rules before they are adopted.

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Inside AI Policy delivers daily news and analysis on what matters most for industry, government and AI practitioners in responding to new threats and complying with regulatory requirements. This includes our exclusive AI Wire, which pulls together key news, announcements, reports and documents into an easily accessible package. And our Voices feature lets key players describe the changing AI landscape in their own words through a regular series of exclusive interviews.

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